Gründungsmitglieder von PassaPorte v. l. n. r.: Nabil Al Boshi, Anas Al Juhmany, Fiorenza Di Baldassare, Sumia Bizem, Elisabetta Bonfanti, Daniela Krüger, Foto (c) Mar Martin

Welcome to

Passaporte Berlin

PassaPorte is a non-profit association founded in 2016 that works for a successful coexistence of refugees and Berliners with and without a migration background. We are half old or electoral Berliners and half new Berliners and work as architects, dentists, development workers, engineers, intercultural experts, social workers, teachers and trauma therapists. And that’s why we get involved:

For me, PassaPorte means a new world full of people, places, ideas and different cultures. I enjoy it.
Al Boshi
That's the way it is in life. When one door closes, another opens and that's exactly what PassaPorte is to me: the broad door to a new beginning in a new land.
Al Juhmany
For me, PassaPorte is the entrance to our new life.
PassaPorte is a rainbow of cultures and people. Our non profit organization is like a colorful bridge of art and culture that can connect all the people who enter it!
Di Baldassare
For me, PassaPorte is a shining example of mindfulness and humanity: dedicated women and men build bridges of understanding across cultural, linguistic, religious and other divisions and boundaries.
PassaPorte is a way for me to have a great time together with friends through art, culture, music and languages. They bring the different people of Berlin closer to each other .

Our Priorities

Neukölln is a very multicultural, multireligious and international part of Berlin. We are fortunate to be located in the heart of the historic district of Rixdorf, right in the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the STATTBereich – Brüdergemeine. Rixdorf was one of the first refugee areas of Berlin, when in 1863 the Bohemians came to Berlin and settled here. It feels correct and fateful to us, that the association PassaPorte and the Integrationszentrum der Brüdergemeine are pushing forward the goal of integrating refugees and Berliners in this former village with heart and soul. We have therefore set ourselves the following premises:

  • All our projects and events are open to all people
  • Each project will be run by old Berliners together with new Berliners
  • For us culture means integration, inclusion and international understanding

Our Goals

  • The integration of Berliners, migrants and refugees
  • To promote the international understanding between all social classes
  • To strive for a better coexistence
  • Highlight the similarities between cultures and religions, instead of emphasizing differences

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